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Changelog: Jun

Guest: Jun

Game Graveyard

Seafaring Pirate Setting and Magical Girl Game


In the meat of this show we discuss at length: Failure, Simplicity in Game Design and Messy Success!


  • Changed marking Weights AGAIN. Roll your die pool again and choose which ones to keep.
  • No initiative. Everyone must act once before the round is over. NPCs react to player action
  • Can spend resolve to reroll ONE die per Resolve spent.
  • Skills are flex dice to be applied to Attribute OR outcome
  • Define minor/major concessions.
  • Commercial Break

Download v1.5 here!


“If your system/setting has magic or technology so far advanced it might as well be magic, you need to make it easy and accessible to change your gender.”


Introbot: Alice Kyra Music: Matt Lee