Changelog, Podcast

Changelog: Eli Kurtz

Guest: Eli Kurtz

Game Graveyard

Sea Shanty Game


In the meat of this show we discuss at length: Fantasy Folklore, Base Building and Faction Mechanics, being a labor junkie, Maps and Narrative Fight Scenes!


  • Consolidated Concession lists.
  • Skill Competency at even levels
  • Remove Changing Jobs
  • Roll push yourself into flex skill
  • Change weights to have set dice bonus (based on most interesting to other players)
  • Make 3rd Weight be about the violence you’ve just done/experienced.

Download v1.6 Here!


“Think about the conversations you have online as a game design. Be intentional about the experience they are trying to create when they have those conversations.”


Introbot: Andi Fox Music: Matt Lee

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