Changelog, Podcast

Changelog: Amelia Antrim

Guest: Amelia Antrim


Layout your dang book properly. Have a good index. Make cheat sheets. Backstab? (Editor’s note: Play/Test does not endorse backstabbing.) and for god’s sake… don’t eat sand.


  • Removed Size as a stat for vehicles.
  • Added option to gain base Durability for Support job when upgrading vehicles.
  • Added Story Paths for character creation.
  • Added Armored and Evasive for Vehicles.
  • Added more Boons/Fumbles for weapons.
  • Moved Vehicle weapons to the Heavy Weapons section.
  • Added option to spend/earn failures to make your result better/worse on a fail.

Update to 1.3!! Download Here.

Introbot: Madge Music by Matt Lee

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