Changelog, Podcast

Changelog 4: Quinn Wilson

Guest: Quinn Wilson


Crunch in games is good, actually, and can promote longevity. Also: Design games with intent!


Removed Convictions, replaced with Weights.

Fumbles are now generated on results of 1 on Difficulty Dice and Boons are generated on results of 8 on Difficulty Dice.

Failures may now be spent for more interesting effects.

Added Complication Dice (d8s that can be added to checks at a later time or spent to activate NPC boons or PC fumbles.)

Overhaul Outcomes and Failures Table

Overhaul Boons and Fumbles list to make it more narrative and less mechanical.

Update to 1.2!! Download Here.

DC and Mutants in the Night can be found Here.

Introbot: Coaster Music by Matt Lee

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