Changelog, Podcast

Changelog 3

Guest: Amr


How do you up-front diversity in games? What kinds of games should we learn from? How many Pokemon RPGs can fit in one Game Dev Graveyard? We answer all these questions and more!


Time Passes Rules: Make a list of options the GM can pick from to offer the players as their reward instead of giving a static list. This lest the GM meter out beach episodes (or level ups, etc) if they need to.

Plot: Made it less on rails. Let the players cut the action with increasing the plot durability rather than doing it all upfront. (Let Plots be the backdrop) A plot only takes a hit when a player fails.

Completed basic Vehicle rules.


Carry that Weight…

When you hit 0 HP or Stress in an encounter or otherwise end up on your own you can offer a narration or short flashback showing your character struggling or dealing with something heavy they’ve been holding on to. This doesn’t have to resolve it, just shine a light on it.

If you do this, size up a Skill.

Added Push Yourself options for Outcome Dice.

Change boons and fumbles.

Shift Outcome Ranges.

Stuff expanded social encounters into the Charmer Toolkit.

Weapon and Disposition creation changed.

Move Character Creation above advancement.

Added Mementos!

Introbot:Matt Lee Music by Matt Lee

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