Changelog, Hard-Space Hustle, Podcast

Changelog 2

Guest: Nora Blake


What are Nora’s core philosophies when designing games? How some games aren’t mean to be played, some games are therapy or poetry. Writing small games. Using just d6’s in your game. Making a Stardew Valley/ Harvest Moon TGE game. You can’t design games around bad players. Not protecting garbage people in the tabletop community, excusing their behavior and putting them on pedestals. Making the space more welcoming by not clinging onto old white designers who are really shitty.


When you try to accomplish something that doesn’t damage durability, hit points or stress, your outcome determines the size of a concession the GM is allowed to ask for when you succeed. Previously: The GM would set a durability for you to hit to accomplish everything. It was kind of a drag.

Assist Mechanic: You roll your skill die and give the player you’re helping half of that. They can apply that to either their skill or outcome and may choose after they roll. This way they always help no matter what. Previously: The bonus only applied to skill and was applied before the roll.

Armor: Got rid of heavy armor. Adding two difficulty to an attack roll would make almost no one hit. Now you are either Armored or Unarmored and armor just adds 1d8 to the difficulty to hit you. Previously: Heavy armor increased difficulty to the wearer by 2.

Social Armor: You are either Guarded or you are Unguarded. This functions the same as armor but for social situations. Previously: Social armor was based on applicable convictions.

Fate Dice: You can choose to use a Fate die AFTER you have rolled. Previously: You had to replace a die with the Fate die before you rolled.

Minions and Adversaries: Minor enemies just have special abilities or specific boons/fumbles thematic to their role. Previously: Minions and adversaries had weapon boons and fumbles as well as occasionally a special ability.

Next Time On… Tool: Added a tool to let the players hint at something they want to happen next session and get a bonus for it.

Agent: Loses starting armor, corrected mistake not listing Wealth as a job skill.

AI: Gave a swing job skill based on which Avatar you choose.

Space Samurai: Change name to Master. The Master has a 3rd conviction that is their Code. Switched Aetheurgy Job Skill for Craft Job Skill. Previously: They had 2 convictions and that was what the code-bound was cued off of.

Heavy: No longer has Heavy Armor.


Introbot: Mary Foster Music by Matt Lee

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