Changelog, Podcast

Changelog 1

Guest: Riley Hopkins


Riley is a very supportive friend and you should also be friends with them. Kickstarter for TTRPG and keeping yourself accountable. Making games with modular rules or rules you can ignore completely!


Schedule and Intent: Changelog episodes will air as they are needed and will post on Thursday night. The Actual Play episodes will be one shots at first, broken up into hour long episodes released on Monday mornings.

Introducing Tiny Game Engine: The core of the engine is that it should handle social encounters as well as combat encounters. TGE should have a few more levers to pull than Powered by the Apocalypse but still be informed by the theme rather than mechanics. The system should limit power creep and should make failure interesting. The goal is to keep any TGE game around 100 pages for accessibility. There will be tools to help you, as a GM, tell the stories the game was made to tell. TGE games shouldn’t tie level or advancement to capitalism or violence.

Introducing Hard-Space Hustle: This game is meant to emulate grungy space anime like Dirty Pair Flash, Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star. It’s about found families.


Introbot: Me! Music by: Matt Lee

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